Saturday, July 3, 2010

Week June 28 -- July 2

On Saturday I flew to Prague, then to Pilsen to the ESCO2010 conference. I had to presentations there and I met lots of awesome people.

I discussed with Dmitri how to solve the Euler equations using FEM and I think I know how to implement it now in hermes2d. I will try to give it a shot at the end of the summer, as this is something that was bothering me a lot.

I have made a progress in my fekete points code, I also wrote analytic solutions for the hydrogen atom in sympy. I'll wrap it up over the weekend and push to h1d.

I have investigated how to use github for collaboration using git, here is how it looks like for sympy:

I have figured out how to host any domain at github, in particular this:

now runs at github. I think this is really awesome.

Besides that, I spent some time discussing how to do hp-adaptivity in h1d with Pavel and other people, as well as I helped couple people with hermes2d and so on.

My plan for the next week is to implement hp-adaptivity in h1d for eigenproblems, as well as finish my fekete machinery and make it fast using cython and use it in conjunction with the h1d adaptivity.


Andy R. Terrel said...

Do you have a link on how to get the hosting to work? Especially on getting your own domain name pointed to it?

Unknown said...

Yes, see here: