Friday, June 25, 2010

Week June 20 -- June 25

This week I implemented a Dirac solver in 1D, I have it in my private branch and I'll get a permission at the end of the summer to get it opensourced. Originally it didn't work at all, but then I've found a bug and it seems to be working now.

Before it I've implemented an example for the y''+k^2*y=0 equation in hermes1d by writing it as two coupled first order equations and solving the eigenproblem for "k".

I also started to implement a Function class that represents a function in 1D using Fekete points and I plan to implement orthogonal projections and adaptive algorithms for refining the mesh, so that I can play with adaptivity in 1D.

Besides that I studied couple articles about using b-splines to solve the radial Dirac equation and also about using variational formulation for FEM.

I helped fix hermes_common and did lots of administration at the lab (10 online courses and other things). We also got an awesome NIF tour.

Hermes1D patches:

Ondrej Certik (26):
Remove the autogenerated Makefile
hermes_common updated
Dirac solver added
Plot only 10 eigenfunctions
Fix the number of equations bug
Generate the Gauss Lobatto points
Add the autogenerated file
Don't use strings as dict keys
Fekete points manipulation implemented
fekete: solve the coefficients, tests pass
More tests added
system_sin_eigen example added
Add a comment about the Lagrange interpolation
Function.project_onto() implemented
Function.plot() implemented
Comparisons implemented
Fix precision problems
Improve tests
Start implementing the adaptivity
fekete: add a debug code
Removing the Dirac solver for now
Use smaller basis, while still getting reasonable results
Add harmonic oscillator option
hermes_common updated
Use jsplot if it is available
Better demo

hermes_common patches:

Ondrej Certik (6):
Revert "fixed pxd"
Update the generated .cpp file
Increase the precision in tests to 10^-10
Add tests for solve_linear_system_dense_lu()
Enable scipy tests
Test for solve_linear_system_cg() added

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