Sunday, October 31, 2010

git has won

I switched to git from mercurial about two years ago. See here why I switched and here my experience after 4 months. Back then I was unsure, whether git will win, but I thought it has a bigger momentum. Well, I think that now it's quite clear that git has already won. Pretty much everybody that I collaborate with is using git now.

I use github everyday, and now thanks to github pull requests, I think it's the best collaboration platform out there (compared to Google Code, Sourceforge, Bitbucket or Launchpad).

I think it's partly because the github guys have a clear vision of what has to be done in order to make collaboration more easier and they do it, but more importantly that git branches is the way to go, as well as other git features, that are "right" from the beginning (branches, interactive rebase, and so on), while other VCS like bzr and mercurial simply either don't have them, or are getting them, but it's hard to get used to it (for example mercurial uses the "mercurial queues", and I think that is the totally wrong approach to things).

Anyway, this is just my own personal opinion. I'll be happy to discuss it in the comments, if you disagree.