Friday, July 16, 2010

Week June 12 -- July 16

This week I was implementing hp-adaptivity based on H1 projections first for the ground state and later for other states.

It took me the whole week to debug things and I am still not done. There were issues with normalizing vectors and other problems. I am now able to converge any individual vector and that seems to work fine, but I am still not able to converge multiple vectors somehow.

I spent also some time with speeding up my implementation of fekete points, and I have implemented the fast evaluation based on Lagrange interpolation polynomials. In general, I made for example the l2_norm() method about 10x faster. I think it's about as fast now as if it was written in C++ directly. The main loops are now optimized C without any Python C/API calls.

My plan is now to implement taking squares of the solutions (exactly), and so on, and projecting it back to the original mesh. I'll try converging to that. At the same time, I'll try to converge to multiple eigenvalues. Hermes1d needs some improvements, that take me quite some time to implement.

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