Monday, September 22, 2008

master studies

I did it! :) I defended my thesis and passed master finals from theoretical physics at Charles University in Prague couple hours ago.

After almost dropping out of my school exactly a year ago for not having enough credits to go to the next year, I gave myself an obligation to finish my school on time. I worked very hard the last year, I had to do 8 exams, some of them very hard, requiring more than a week of thorough learning and 9 seminars, requiring a lot of work too and also a master thesis, for which I had to had working finite element solvers and together with SymPy it took all my time and energy. I even had to cancel my trip to Austin and Caltech for the SciPy conference. But I finished my school after all, I am very happy about it.

Last year, two of my friends bet $100 between themselves that I will not finish on time. Jarda, who believed in me is now at Princeton doing his Ph.D. Matouš, who didn't believe in me, will now pay $100 to Jarda. I think that life is fair.:)

Now I'll be visiting pubs quite often and then I'll fix some long standing issues in SymPy, hopefully finish my Debian task & skills (to finally become a Developer couple months after that) and finally do useful stuff for my research with a fresh head now.