Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week June 5 -- July 9

This week I have learned how to use the new C++ support in Cython, and posted a demo project at github (, then I have refactored the Python wrappers in hermes1d and I think things are now way cleaner.

Then I have finished my reimplementation of Romanowski's algorithm for adapting eigenvalues for the radial Schroedinger equation, I've extracted his values from the graphs, calculated the same thing myself and it agrees perfectly.

I am now polishing the h1 adaptivity in h1d, I essentially reimplemented it myself, so that I can consider more candidates (all possible combinations of "p" and "h", and also soon I'll consider bisecting, trisecting and so on of the interval).

I've implemented hydrogen wavefunctions in sympy and use it to project onto a very fine mesh (12 order, lots of elements), convert to Fekete points and use it for the adaptivity. It's in pure Python, as I need to develop very fast to get some results and see what approach is the best. Everything is fast, except the selection of candidates, which I'll now rewrite into Cython and try to use hermes1d whenever possible.

Next week I'll try to merge my adaptivity with hermes1d adaptivity and make it fast. And see how it converges.

I've also spent about 10 hours with improving Pavel's hermes2d branch, as well as implementing the Vector class in hermes_common.

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