Sunday, October 26, 2008

Google Mentor Summit II

On Saturday morning I met Steve McIntyre and Dirk Eddelbuettel, Steve took us by car to Google. Well, it was overwhelming.

For example we met there two other Debian developers, Jeff Bailey and Daniel Burrows. There are developers from all the famous projects, like git, Wine, Turbogears, Jython, ... There are still people I wanted to meet but didn't manage yesterday, need to fix that today. My plan is to get SymPy running on top of Jython, or at least do some more progress to take the advantage, that Philip Jenvey from Jython is here. Also I wanted to fix some RC bugs in Debian when Steve is here, to make some progress on my NM finally. We'll see how it goes.

There was also an excellent presentation from people behind Android. One thing I was curious if it's going to run native C applications, like Python and it seems it will happen eventually, all the sources are out there, so someone just needs to push it forward. Another very cool thing they did that I was always looking for is Gerrit for reviewing patches (see for example how it looks like) -- basically a fork of Guido's codereview, but it has many nice features, like automatically applying the patch to the git repository as a new topic branch and one can then easily pull it, as well as review it over the web interface. When I get back to Prague I am going to install this for SymPy.

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Unknown said...

"My plan is to get SymPy running on top of Jython" This would enable using SymPy through meditor, which would be really great !