Saturday, October 25, 2008

Google Mentor Summit I

I flew via Atlanta and had only about an hour to my next flight to San Francisco, so after my last experience, when I went to the immigration, got stuck in the line for more than an hour and then had to run to catch my flight, I decided to try a different strategy this time: first run to the immigration and then walk to my gate. Unfortunately I was sitting near the back of the plane and I got out among the last ones. Fortunately, it was several hundreds meters to the immigration, so I run as fast as I could and I managed to get there as the first one and everything took about 5 minutes. That was just awesome, I finally figured this out.

Jarrod was waiting for me at the airport, went to his place. Here's his cat:

On Friday we did some work and then went to the Golden Gate, the traffic was quite dense:


San Francisco:

Then we had a cofee in San Francisco and went to Silicon Valey, Jarrod drove me around a little bit to see SLAC, Stanford campus and other things. In the evening we went to the common pub with other mentors and Google guys, where we for example met with Robert Bradshaw.

Today I am looking forward to meet with all the people I know from mailinglists, Debian and other places.

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Technoholic said...

lol ! the first pic of cat is funny.....
guess, you should have had a great time.....!!