Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gael and Emmanuelle in Prague

Last weekend Gaël Varoquaux together with Emmanuelle came to Prague, so it was really awesome to meet again (we first met with Gaël at the SciPy 2007 conference at Caltech).

Because I recently finished my master, I was basically visiting pubs each evening, so we first met on Friday at 10pm and just had couple Pilsens (I already had some beers that evening with other friends), then I had to go, as I was doing TOEFL on Saturday. At the exam I met a very beautiful girl and other interesting people, so we went to lunch together and as a result I arrived half an our later than we agreed with Gaël and Emmanuelle, but I think they understood my situation. :) Then we went around Vyšehrad, came to I.P.Pavlova, had some Czech meal and beers, then went on foot pass the Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius, where the Heydrich attackers were cornered (there is still the bullet-scarred window visible from the street), then continued over the bridge to the hotel, Emmanuelle went in, I then came with Gaël to another pub for couple of more beers.

The Python scientific community is very cool and I always enjoy meeting people from it and discussing things like cython, scipy, ipython, mayavi, sympy, matplotlib, sage, what license is best for each project, etc. in Prague pubs. Python has a lot of high quality libraries and tools for scientific computing, so things look very promising.

It was fun I really enjoyed that.

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