Saturday, August 15, 2009

Los Alamos Sprint

Last weekend, Luke and Aaron came to visit me here in Los Alamos and we accomplished the following:

* documentation doctests fixed
* pexpect wrappers to maxima
* couple match bugs fixed
* lots of patches reviewed and pushed in
* made pydy simplify trig expressions
* pexpect wrappers to autolev
* work on the odes module
* visited hot springs

Pictures of the last item were requested, so Aaron (left), Luke:

Aaron, Ondrej:

Ondrej, Aaron:


Aaron Meurer said...

I also did some work on the odes module, though I did that mainly on my own.

Unknown said...

Thanks, I've updated the post.

lubos said...

Ahoj Ondrej,

Prisiel som na stranku lebo som hladal informacie o SciPy, a vidim voliake ceske meno. Len tak pozdravujem. Volam sa Lubos, a ja pouzivam SciPy v nasa v marylande.