Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ubuntu Developer Summit in Prague

Last weekend I was at FOSSCamp. Since I live in Prague I wanted to go to Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) each day, but unfortunately I had some exams, so I only went on Wednesday and Friday.

On Wednesday I first met Lars Wirzenius:

we agreed to go to pub in the evening. Then I did a little work, there was quite a nice view from the window (Prague castle on the horizon):

and I went to the #ubuntu-devel-summit IRC channel and pinged Scott Kitterman, whom I new from the Debian Python Modules Team (DPMT), but didn't know how he looks like. We met and once I knew Scott, it was easy to get around, so he introduced me to Steve Langasek (pronounced Langášek). We agreed to go to pub as well. Steve lives in Portland, OR, where I spent the summer 2005 and Scott is from Baltimore where I spent the summer 2006.
Then I also met Riku Voipio, Martin Böhm, Christian Reis (whom I asked if it's possible to support Debian unstable on Ubuntu Personal Package Archives and he said that it will probably happen, so that's really cool -- I also offered my help with this) and others, so in the end, there were 14 of us going to the pub, so I chose again the same pub as with the FOSSCamp people and it seems it tasted good again:

Notice the svíčková na smetaně above, my favourite meal. Good choice Scott. :)

Ok, that was on Wednesday. On Friday I arrived at around 3pm, looked at the schedule table and noticed that Matthias Klose should be at UDS too, so I started IRC and pinged him. Fortunately, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort, whom I know from DPMT as well, replied first so we met, it was cool and he showed where Matthias is. I am very glad I met him, so we discussed python-central and python-support packages and why we have them both, also with Scott later on.

When I was waiting for Matthias, I sat next to Nicolas Valcárcel, started my laptop and begun looking at some SymPy bugs and Nicolas noticed that and said -- "You are developing SymPy?", I said "Yes.", flattered. And he showed me a bug with plotting and Compiz, so we immediately reported that to pyglet.

In the evening people continued to some kind of a party, but unfortunately, I was already going to some other pub.

Overall, even though I was there for only two afternoons, it was just awesome and I utterly enjoyed meeting all the people I knew from mailinglists and IRC.

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