Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday


On Monday we, as usual, had a breakfast in the Marriott Hotel:

and went to the Heilbronn Institute:

that is right across the highest point in Bristol:

We had a presentation by Gregory Bard:

Then we had a discussion what things should be done in the following coding sprints. Then we coded and in the afternoon I had a presentation "SymPy: A Python library for symbolic mathematics".


In the morning Michael Abshoff gave a presentation about valgrinding a Python/Cython/C/C++ library application like Sage (which adds complexity and its own set of problems because of python). We spent the whole day coding, in the afternoon we did a quick session of lightning talks and in the evening we went to a pub, then we again coded till 1am, some even later.


In the morning we did a little coding and then had a wrap-up session:

Then William had a presentation "SAGE for number theorists" at the Heilbronn Seminar, after which most of the people went to pub, but I with Jaap Spies went to the Old City, as tourists. Then I visited a bookstore, read some books and then we had a last coding evening:

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