Friday, June 4, 2010

week May 30 -- June 4

Over the weekend and Monday I went to Livermore, CA to rent a room to live. On Monday and Tuesday my uncle visited me from Prague so I showed him Virginia City and Lake Tahoe, that was lots of fun.

Then I tried to debug hermes1d and some matrix issues in there for couple hours, but failed so far.

I've helped Sameer to fix h5py to compile with FEMhub.

Yesterday I spent 12h setting up gitosis on our server and finally got it done, here is the web interface:

I had to patch the gitosis repository itself, here are my changes: (I've also sent them to Tommi Virtanen, the gitosis author, but I haven't heard back yet.)
In case you wanted to install it as well, I've posted instructions here.

I've figured out how to use msysgit with windows and use ssh keys to login to a linux box. It turns out it's not so trivial, see this issue.

I submitted the following patches to our projects at

ondrej@raven:~/repos/hermes1d(master)$ git weekreport
Ondrej Certik (3):
Reverting the change dfa8580
hermes_common updated
hermes_common updated

ondrej@raven:~/repos/hermes2d(master)$ git weekreport
Ondrej Certik (5):
Fix "make install" to work again
hermes_common updated
remove hermes_common/doc/Makefile from .gitignore
Fix the compilation warning

Btw, my "git weekreport" alias is defined as:

weekreport = shortlog --since=1.weeks --author=ondrej

Next week I am moving to Livermore, and my summer internship will get started.
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